Webb Solar Realty Clients Speak 

Client Testimonials from the Heart


"I highly recommend Webb  Solar Realty's very professional team.  I will definitely work with Stephanie Cook and Marion Webb in the future"

~Vishon Thomas - 1st Time Homebuyer

"Quite simple. Marion is the best! We were long distance sellers. She is very knowledgeable and is quick to respond to any question or concerns that come up during the process . She is easy work with. She definitely makes us feel like we are the only client that she is working with even though she had many others at the time. She helped us sell our house quickly and the price is our idea.Thank you very much Marion, you are the best Realtor we have ever met!!!"

~Qiansheng Wu - Seller

I am very grateful to have met Stephanie Cook, there was a comfort zone to her personality, and how she presented herself in a professional manner. As a first time homebuyer me and my husband were so clueless to the buying process. Stephanie definitely kept us fully aware throughout the entire process. Thank you for your hard work and dedication.

~Braxley & Alexis - First Time Homebuyers 
“Marion Webb is by far an outstanding realtor. She helped my husband and I buy our first home. We thought we were well informed about the buying process, but later we discovered we were actually naïve. Mrs. Webb clearly and effectively explained the process that we were undertaking. Any time during the day, She was accessible to us and answered all of our questions. When stumbling blocks occurred, Mrs. Webb quickly defused them with her knowledge and expertise in the field of Real Estate. We knew we had one of the best realtors working for us, because she always remained prepared, patient, and professional. With the fortitude of a fighter, she was able to make the TKO and get us the home of our dreams. Words cannot express how grateful I am to have had a wonderful realtor, whom I know had our back. But these words will suffice…Mrs. Webb is filled with purpose and passion for the real estate industry.

~ L. and J. McDonald - 1st Time HomeBuyers

“We were extremely satisfied with the level of service and professionalism provided by Wardell Magee. He was with us every step of the way as we sold our house and we always knew where we were during the entire process.  The bottom line is that I believe that we received great value from our enlisting your services. Thanks for selling our house in less than 33 days. We would highly recommend him to friends and family and can’t wait to partner with Wardell on the purchase of our next home.”   

                                                                         ~Efiong Ekere - Sellers


Marion Webb helped one of our relatives purchase a home.  She referred us to Marion Webb to help us find and purchase a home.  We found our home and closed in less than 3 weeks. Goodbye Landlord, Hello New Home!  We will definitely refer friends, family and other acquaintances to Webb Solar Realty.  They truly looked out for our interest and helped us get out of renting."
~Mr. Brown and Ms. Rivera - Investors & Homebuyers

"As a first time homebuyer, I was completely clueless as to what the home buying process entailed. However, Wardell Magee made sure I was fully aware every step of the way, keeping me informed and made sure I understood the process. He made what could be a somewhat stressful process seem relatively easy. He also always kept my best interest in mind and helped me to see the value of each home long term. Wardell helped me to write a competitive offer on my new home that the sellers could not refuse.  I would recommend Wardell to anyone who is looking to purchase a new home."

~Ariana Magee - First Time Homebuyer

Richard Edwards a true real estate professional with integrity. He was a wonderful agent who was very professional throughout the entire home buying process. He made the home buying experience very rewarding and pleasant.  I was very pleased and impressed with him, his communication skills, oral and written, as well as his negotiation skills proved to serve me very well as a homebuyer.  He is very patience and customer service oriented; he was very knowledgeable about the home buying process, always showed initiative; and thought of every tasks in advance, thus leaving me worry free from start to closing. He carried himself as a seasoned agent.   I would strongly recommend that you select him as your agent whether selling your home or buying your home.

~Ms. Rita Toombs - First Time Homebuyer

"I am writing to let you know how much I appreciate you and everything that you did to help me accomplish buying a new home.  Starting from the free homebuying seminar presented by Webb Solar Realty... The journey to get to this destination was purely Devine and no other way.  God truly blessed me and ensured in me all things are possible if we are steadfast and believe.  I began to put contracts on houses all to find someone beat me to the bid.. I didnt give up..Gail sent me a photo of the particular house I'm in right now!  She checked to make sure there were no offers on the house and thank God there was not.  The bank accepted our offer.. All praises do to God!"

~Perri Jones - First time HomeBuyer.

"A very special thanks to you, Mrs. Johnson,  for your creative suggestions and willingness to share your knowledge and skills in timing, planning, staging and presenting my property to potential buyers. Viewers who came were impressed with the pleasant appearance of the condominium.
Your assistance allowed me to go from listing the property, holding an open house with multiple viewings, to a sale and complete settlement in five weeks!  I am elated. Thanks to you, Webb Solar, and Realty Direct.  Come spring 2015, I will be looking forward to having your keen insight when I am ready to sell my other condominium."
~Bonnie M. Smith - Seller
"Marion is a real "go getter"! She and her team can make things happen where other agents cannot. They  are dedicated to good service, excellent & fast results, personal care, and sound professionalism. I would recommend Webb Solar Realty for everyone looking to buy, sell, rent."
 ~Dr Ginny Jones
"If you want the best, you work with Webb Solar Realty!  Marion Webb and her team are outstanding real estate broker/agents. They works tirelessly for their clients and maintains the professionalism that you want to have in someone that is representing you in trying to sell your property, even in a down market. They have numerous resources at their disposal and are experienced enough to know which will work best in your situation, so that you don't get a standard cookie cutter Realtor®. You get a one of a kind partner who is working for you and with you to get the best deal possible. "
A'donna (Miller) Garrett, PMP~Sigmund and Adonna Garrett   -  Seller & Buyer
"Marion is a cheerful and positive person with goals for helping the community she lives and works in. Marion has a focus on creating a better planet for future generations and works towards that through the educational programs she offers. Marion would be a great person to seek out when looking for your next home!"
Amy Girouard~Amy Girourard - Publisher
"Before I met Marion, I had nothing but Landlord woes with my three-unit building. Webb Solar Realty took care of everything from the Rentals to the Landtrust Asset Protection that I needed. They were also there for me in the HIGHEST capacity when I sold it and made everything go smoothly from top to finish. I will always cherish what they did for me during that trying time. Marion and her team is at the Top of their class in what they can provide."
~Rod Flowers - Landlord & Seller

"Marion Webb of Webb Solar Realty sold my house for me in a very depressed housing market in the Atlanta area.  I didn't get the price I was hopping for but she kept bringing in offers until there was one that I could accept.  Her work took a large financial load off my shoulders and allowed me to move on to make other investments. I highly recommend Marion and Webb Solar Realty. Thanks for a job well done."

~Peter Robinson - Investor & Seller
"I have been a client of Marion for over 4 years and I have enjoyed her  professionalism in all that she does. I purchased my first Georgia property with her and I am currently finalizing a second purchase for investment purposes. Marion is a joy to work with and she is very knowledgeable and ALWAYS courteous.  I will certainly send friends and family to her for real estate needs."
~Hari - Experienced Buyer
"My home buying experience with Marion Webb of Webb Solar Realty was a great experience.  I am a first time home buyer and it was great to have a real estate agent, like Marion, who took my best interest into consideration. Marion was great at working diligently and putting out all of the fires that came along so that I the buyer didn’t have to worry about anything. Marion proved to be a great source of advice not only during the home buying process but afterwards also."
~Koketa McGhee - 1st Time Home Buyer
"Marion and her team are the greatest.... they worked very hard for us to sell our home. They always went out of their way to help us get the information that we needed and wanted. The quick results of our home sale were also very gratifying. It sold a lot quicker than we had imagined because Marion and team stayed on top of every step in the process. They are very knowledgeable and kept us informed & worked hard behind the scenes to get the process completed. Our home sale was full of challenges and Marion stayed on top of it all. Webb Solar Realty.....Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you did for us! We always refer close friends and acquaintances to Webb Solar Realty for their expertise in home selling!"                                  
~Marcus & Yolanda Fann - Home Seller
"I lost my job and was out of work for over 2 years.  Marion helped us negotiate a quick short sale with the bank.  She was never too busy to talk to me or answer my questions.  Marion is very knowledgeable about selling homes.  She's also very patient and detailed.  She explained the process, guided us through the mounds of paperwork and got our home sold.  Thanks to Marion, we are able to move on with our lives and remove some of the emotional stress my family was suffering.  My family and I thank her from the bottom of our hearts for helping us.     P.S. My sister referred us to Marion and after she helped us -- She helped her too.  What a blessing!"
~Iris Wilson & Family  - Home Seller
"Marion Webb is absolutely the best!  She sold my home faster than I expected.  My home had previously been on the market with no offers.  I really needed to move the home because I was upside down.  People told me that it would take a long time to get a short sale done. WOW was I surprised at how quickly and painless it went.  Thanks to Marion and her knowledge about short sales we negotiated a WIN WIN WIN situation for me and my family, the bank and the buyer.   Marion was flexible and provided us with the information we needed and guided us thru this emotional time.  I highly recommend Marion to my friends and family too." 
~Sophia Wilson - Home Seller
"Though Marion is a great real estate agent, it wasn’t until we heard horror stories from our friends that we realized how truly blessed we were to have Marion as our RE agent. What we love most about Marion is her confidence in her job. Our closing was smooth and we were really impressed with her level of readiness when it came time to sit at the closing table. Every “I” was dotted and every “T” was crossed! Marion was very honest by kindly expressing the good and the bad of each house. We feel like she really took care of us in all ways. She is a very giving person."
~Quintin & Sasha Bracey - 1st Time Home Buyer

"Thank you big time Eddie Hernandez!  Thank you so much for all your help and dedication on helping us with our home buying process.  You did an awesome job!"

~T.J., Phoenix and Ashley - First Time HomeBuyers